sectional globe "earth's axis, 23.4 degrees."

earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees.[3D] sectional globe

A sectional globe with which you can experience the earth’s configuration. Is configured such that when placed on a desk, it leans at exactly the angle of the earth’s tilt (23.4 degrees).

Pass a length of string through the gap in the globe and it can be hung from the ceiling, another way to enjoy the globe.

Using an original pattern and lens with silk printing 3D printing technology, the continents appear to be raised up.

scale :
200×200×200 (when finished)
polypropylene sheet, paper
3D printing+micro flute printing
Product No. :

The “core parts” framework which is made of ultra-thin cardboard and is printed with the internal construction of the earth.

Insert the “geosphere sheet”, on which is depicted the outlines of the oceans and the continents using 3D printing, over the core parts framework; the globe, which leans on an axis of 23.4 degrees, is then complete.

How to assemble

BLACK − the black continents float on a gray sea.

BROWN − beautiful white continents emerge from a brown sea.

This globe is packaged in two ways − as an assembly kit, where you can enjoy putting the globe together yourself, and as a finished product, which makes an ideal gift.

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