geografia is a product series that employs geography, topography and the earth as themes.
A number of different items that draw on special processing techniquesand printing technology methods employed by printing companies are presented.
We aim to attribute a shape in the form of products that can experience information, besides the printing technology disseminates information.


marumo printing

marumo printing

A long-established printing company located in Mitoyo-City, Kagawa prefecture, Japan.
After Akio Okuda became CEO, the company started to develop unique printing techniques such as UV-screen printing and 3D printing; also the quality of paper products was improved. They have expanded their horizons as a printing company by shifting business way from working solely on commercial printing to planning and producing their own brands.
They have been expanding the sales of geografia products all over the world.

2011- Exhibitions in Maison and Object and New York International Gift Fair
2009- Exhibition in Interior Lifestyle
2007 Geografia product series has started
1919 founded in Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture




Design Studio by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi.
After their college education, both studied design and founded DRILL DESIGN in the year 2000. They offer complete project solutions in various fields such as Product Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design .The products (mainly everyday objects such as furniture, stationery, gardening tools and kitchen utensils) are soldin several countries, including the MoMA Store in New York. They have won numerous awards, such as the prestigious Red Dot design award (in Germany) and the Good Design Special Award.
They are in charge of direction and design in Geografia projects.

2012 Red dot design award / paper-wood
2010 Good Design Award / paper-wood

2010 MILANO SALONE satellite(ITALY)

2008 Good Design Award special prize/ Trashpot

2004-06 Japan display design association display design award



Hajime Narukawa and his co-workers have been dedicating themselves in development on ideas highly based on geometrical studies. Then they apply the pure geometrical ideas to practical usages in projection engineering for photography and world map, architecture, product design and fine art. For the last 3 years they had involved in designing Geo-cosmos, a large full-spherical display, Geo-scope, an interactive touch panel display and Geo-palette, a world map archive.
2011 constructions of all three contents are done and showcased to public at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. In geografia AuthaGraph are in charge of designing. One of their designs TWISTABLE GLOBE [EARTH & SKY]"eight cuves" won LES DESCOUVERTE prize at MAISON & OBJET 2012.

Jun. 2011 “Tsunagari Project Exhibition Space"

Basic design and supervisor for a permanent exhibition, National Museum of Emerging Science

Jun. 2011 “Geo-Scope"

Basic design and supervisor for touch panel displays, National Museum of Emerging Science

Jun. 2011 “Geo-Cosmos"

Basic design and supervisor for a large full spherical display, National Museum of Emerging Science

Jan. 2011 “Geo-Pallette"

An original map projection supply and supervisor for a world map archive, National Museum of Emerging Science

2009 "Corpora in Si(gh)t"

Structural engineering for an art installation, Honorary mention, ARS ELECTRONICA as a support member of dNA

2009 “ISS Long Term Tracking"

An installation for art exhibition, “Mission G" , NTT ICC

AuthaGraph world map

Same as Mercator map, the AuthaGraph world map shapes a rectangle while it substantially keeps sizes and shapes as Dymaxion map does.

(Dymaxion map is a world map invented in 1946 in U.S.)


3D print

You can experience a 3D space in a way that you can't with lenticular 3D.
Numerous designs are possible through dot type and use of color,. Can be used for a wide variety of applications − displays, interiors, stationery, advertisements etc.

3D SECTIONAL GLOBE "earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees. "
"from the river to the river"

UV ink thickness screen printing  

The main characteristic of screen-printing is the thickness of the ink applied. With UV exposure, the ink instantly hardens, and embossment and brightness is possible.
This is a technique that is appealing both to the sight and to the touch.

"planning on paper"
MATERIAL SECTIONAL GLOBE "earth's axis, 23.4 degrees."
TWISTABLE GLOBE "cube in dodeca"
FOLDABLE GLOBE [VOYAGE] "earth in the pocket."

Inline die-cut

A flexible die is inserted into the internal unit of the printing machine; die-cutting and printing are performed at the same time.
(★flexible die: owing to corrosion treatment, complicated lines can be reproduced).

With one-pass (one cycle), a great degree of accuracy can be achieved for printing and cuts. With this high precision, product development never seen before has become possible.

"altitude of 200 pages."
" rice terrace on index."

Inline emboss

A relief printing plate and an engraved plate are inserted into the internal unit of the printing machine; embossing and printing are performed at the same time.

With one-pass (one cycle), a great degree of accuracy can be achieved for printing and embossing.

"altitude of 200 pages."
"planning on paper"

Afterglow printing

A printing method utilizing distinctive ink that becomes luminous by accumulating the light of the sun or indoor lighting. Screen-printing is employed to thicken the printing membrane force.

NIGHT SECTIONAL GLOBE "earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees."

Collation Technology

Layering sheets of paper that have been printed along the edges too and then cutting them attributes the cross section of the stack the pattern and colors that have been printed on them. Layering numerous sheets of paper with different patterns and colors and then cutting them infuses the cross section of the stack with expressive power. With the memo block “depth of 500 pages", lakes, oceans, water depth and geological strata have been expressed.

"depth of 500 pages"

Cold Foil printing

This printing technique makes it possible to express gradation by halftone dots which is otherwise difficult to express by general hot stamp processing. This broadens the methods which are used to express by hot stamp processing

GEODESIC GLOBE [PLATINUM] "perfected with 80 facets."