MATERIAL sectional globe "earth's axis, 23.4 degrees."

earth's axis, 23.4 degrees.
[MATERIAL] sectional globe

A sectional globe with which you can experience the earth's configuration. Is configured such that when placed on a desk, it leans at exactly the angle of the earth's tilt (23.4 degrees).

MATERIAL is a series that showcases a range of compact globes with a variety of materials as themes, and which focuses on graphic patterns and paper textures.

scale :
size :
140×140×140 (when finished)
color :
material :
UV screen printing+micro flute printing
Product No. :

A compact size that can nonchalantly be set down anywhere.

The core parts − the inner construction of the Earth has been printed on ultra thin cardboard. Insert the geosphere sheet and a globe that is tilted at a 23.4-degree angle is completed.

How to assemble

A graphic globe with metal as its theme.

Continents constructed of piled up minerals of varying shapes.
The latitude and longitude lines have been printed using a transparent UV ink, and appear and disappear according to the amount of light shining on them.

Paper with a shiny metal-like texture has been utilized.

A graphic globe that embraces leather (animals) as its theme.

If you look closely, you find that various animals are hidden on the globe.

Each animal has been coated with UV ink.

Paper with a texture reminiscent of leather has been used here.

A graphic globe that takes wood as its theme.

Continents blanketed in green trees.

With paper embossing and the printing of wood grain, the natural texture of trees has been recreated here.

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