[platinum]Stand-alone WORLD MAP "on the table. on the wall."

our planet on tetra and on rectangle.

The world map uses a unique projection, AuthaGraph projection that substantially keeps area-ratio. You can fold the map along folding lines and make a globe with a shape of tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular bottom.

scale :
1/ 57,880,000
size :
material :
printing :
cold foil printing
Product No. :

The AuthaGraph World Map is able to reproduce the latest vision of our world on two dimensional plane.

The map succeeds to arrange all continents and islands including the Antarctica in a rectangular frame without any interruptions.

You can make a globe by folding the map along the folding lines.

This high-class world map uses white and cream color ink printed on aluminum paper.
Route plans or trip schedules may be drawn and erased on the map using white board pens.

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