BOARD PUZZLE "pieces of the PANGEA"

BOARD PUZZLE "pieces of the PANGEA"PHOTO:Ryoukan Abe

pieces of the PANGAEAboard puzzle

“In the past, all of the continents were a Pangaea (supercontinent)”. A puzzle based of the German geophysicist Wegener’s theory of continental drift. It is said that gazing at a map of the world, Wegener hit on the idea that the section near Brazil jutting out of the South American continent and the Gulf of Guinea in the southwest of the African continent would fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and thus conceived of his theory. Rearrange the pieces from the Pangaea to their positions today to feel the distant movement.

★ The puzzle shape is an image based on the theory of continental drift.

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450 x 330
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The puzzle can be rearranged to the locations the continents occupy today using the reverse side of the puzzle.
Two types can be chosen from: BROWN, where the countries are divided by color, and GRAY, which is an image of the continent of ancient times.



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