night sectional globe "earth's axis, 23.4 degrees."

earth's axis, 23.4 degrees[NIGHT] sectional globe

Flourescent ink stores energy from daylight or artificial sources so you can experience how urban areas appear from space at night. Learn about the earth's structure when you assemble the core parts and the surface parts. This uniquely shaped globe is designed to lean at exactly the same angle as the earth's tilt.

scale :
200×200×200 (when finished)
afterglow printing+micro flute printing
Product No. :

After you exposure this globe to daylight or artificial sources, the Fluorescent ink glow in the dark.
※We recommend to exposure this globe to daylight or fluorescent light.

The city light all over the world is recreated accurately on this globe, the coastlines and rivers where people form towns stood out.

You can experience the structure of the earth by putting core parts and the surface sheets together by your hands.

How to assemble


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