[basic]Stand-alone WORLD MAP "on the table. on the wall."

on the table, on the wall.
[NIGHT] Stand-alone WORLD MAP

A world map that you can stand it on a table like a folding screen. Flourescent ink stores energy from daylight or artificial sources so you can experience how urban areas appear from space at night. By smoothing out the creases, it can be used as a wall map. This map is drawn on the equidistant cylindrical projection.

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afterglow printing
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After exposure to daylight or artificial sources, the fluorescent ink on this map glows in the dark.
※We recommend exposure to either daylight or fluorescent light sources.

You can stand it on a table like a folding screen.

You can display it on a wall.
There are holes at the corner for pins to avoid damage.

City lights all over the world are recreated accurately on this map, coastlines and rivers where people have formed towns stand out clearly.

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